Selected experiments from second semester 100 - level Physics courses

Selected experiments from first semester 100 - level Physics courses

Sound waves, intensity, pitch and quality of sound, propagation of sound in solid liquids and gases, Doppler effect. Reflection and refraction. Transmission and absorption of light . Dispersion, Optical instruments, Lens aberrations . Wave nature of light, velocity oflight. Electromagnetic waves. Huygens principle. Interference. Diffraction and polarization. Quantum nature of light. The photon. Electrostatics. Magnetostatics. A.C. current-measuring instruments. Electrochemistry and cells. Thermo-electricity. Magnetic field due to currents, transformers, rectification. Structure of matter. Isotopes. Bohr's Atomic theory and elementary atomic spectra. X-rays measurement of e/m of charges, the Nucleus. Natural radioactivity, Artificial Radioactivity, RadiationDetection.

Units. Dimensional Analysis. Vectors, Equilibrium ,Moment of a force. Torque, Couple,Centre ofgravity, Rectilinear and circular motions. Newton'slaws of motion. Motion in a plane, Conservation law of energy, momentum, work, energy and power, Rigid bodies, moment of inertia, angular momentum, Elasticity, bending moments, Pressure and hydrostatics.Temperature arid Heat, heat capacity, specific heat capacity, latent heat, critical points, calorimetry, Gas laws, kinetic theory of gases, laws of thermodynamics, Liquids,Mechanicalequivalent of Heat.