Welcome to Renaissance University

I welcome you to Renaissance University Official website. Renaissance University’s focus is exclusively on academic, technical and ethical excellence and we set out to change the face of University education in Nigeria through a carefully structured and efficiently executed curriculum aimed at producing the total man who will always be preferred in the job market than the other graduates. Feel free to navigate through the website to get the information you need.

Justification for the University

The establishment of Renaissance University is predicated on the following reasons:

The desire to run an Ideal University. For over a decade now, the administration of the University education in Nigeria has experienced deep crises that resulted in declined standards of performance.

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Following the posting of UTME students with 180 scores and above to Renaissance University, kindly click below to check your name.

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August 2015
Renaissance University Post UTME Screening Test will take place as follows:

About Renaissance University

The Renaissance University is an idea and an ideal whose time has finally come. We are all conversant with what had happened to the Nigerian educational system out of which the University education has suffered innumerable punches from cheating at the UME and racket admission, lack of facilities, constant strikes by staff and students, secrets cultism, examination malpractice, bizarre academic calendar etc. The result of these punches is a University system that has been technically knocked out (TKO). The three conventional University competencies of Teaching, Research and Community Service have been completely compromised because none of the three is receiving the attention it deserves. The promoters of Renaissance thus conceived of a University that will bring a complete rebirth to the University education system in Nigeria.

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